Friday, October 12, 2018

1941 NDH, "Jubilarka" stationery

I have never seen or heard before - a trial print of "jubilarka" stationery... 

1941 Independent State of Croatia, Armed Forces Special Issue, known as "jubilarka", trial print on young King Peter II stationery. From A.F.Kugel collection.


A.F.Kugel: ... a test printing was also made in black on a few 1 dinar postal cards in the young King Peter II design. However, in the end, they were not authorized to be issued.

P.J.Hughes (NDH expert):  ... I remember overlaying a genuine black overprint with this stationery and they match perfectly, so I am of the opinion that it is likely genuine. This may be the only card like this, or there may be one or two others; but I have not seen any others.  ...  The overprint may be from a separate cliche as it has none of the flaws that can be found on the overprinted stamps. It is consistent with the "proof" black overprints that are on the market in blocks on kunstdruck paper, or on the 4 Din stamp. A few of these have the flaws, but there are only a few flaws as the plate used for the proofs was very new and did not have time to develop the flaws that show up later on the regular printing.