Saturday, August 23, 2014

1941-1945 NDH, Ministerial albums

1941-1945 NDH Ministerial albums are philatelic specialties. Apparently, the complete set of albums was recently sold for 200000 USD.

I wanted to educate about those albums, but after some reading and searching I found that there is no source with the complete and consistent information. Because of this, I decided to gather all available information and post them on this blog. So far I have collected photos of pages for most of the albums. The current status is shown on the thumbnail list.

 Update:   2014-08-28 Thanks to Mr. Hughes and Mr. Vilfan feedback.

Friday, August 1, 2014

1941 MEĐIMURJE, Easter card & stationery

I compared overprints and cliché positions of two interesting items. One is the well-known Easter greeting card with the overprint on the previously affixed stamp, second is the Međimurje postal stationery.

1941 Međimurje, unique postal card with the overprint on the previously affixed stamp.

Note that the Easter card was put into the press misplaced vertically, so part of the overprint was applied to the card instead to the stamp.

Misplaced overprint.

The same overprint type, was used for the postal stationery. In this case, the vertical alignment was much better, so overprint fits almost perfect.

1941 Međimurje, unofficial local provisional issue, postal stationery. 

Vertical difference of 6.5 mm between the Easter card and the postal stationery.