Tuesday, September 18, 2018

1941 Banja Luka, Article

I forgot to mention: Acta 2017 was published this spring. As usual, great articles...

Croatian philatelic almanac
Independent State of Croatia
Banja Luka Local Issue 1941

To order please contact me at alesmarinsek67@gmail.com

Saturday, September 15, 2018

1944 DB Laibach, Rare use of revenue stamp

It is always nice to find a special item...

1944 German occupation of Laibach, letter franked with 50 cent. revenue stamp used as postal stamp, send from Ljubljana (11.5.44) to Suzzara, Italy (15.5.44). Rare use of revenue stamp.

50 cent. Italian revenue stamp, overprinted with "PROVINCIA / DI LUBIANA".

Thursday, August 30, 2018

1945 SPLIT, Stationery to abroad

Split stationery sent to abroad are very very rare.

1945 Split local provisional issue, stationery type St.2 III, franked with 20kn for abroad, sent from Split (5.V.45) to Bari Italia, censored in Split (CENZURA Br. 3) and in Bari (MILITARY CENSORSHIP CIVIL MAILS 0105). Trans Adriatic mail.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Censorship of mail from abroad

Although censorship of private mail was officially ended on 2.7.1945, shipments from abroad or to abroad were censored still long afterwards.

Letter, sent by air from Osek u Duchcova, Czechoslovakia (3.X.1945) to Domžale (18.X.1945), censored by the military censor in Belgrade. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

World Stamp Exhibition in Prague

I spent a nice extended weekend in Prague. Nice weather, city sights and of course World Stamp Exhibition with more than 3000 frames, including my single frame exhibit "The First Croatian WWII Local Issue - Međimurje, 1941" for which I have received 88 points and a Large Vermeil. This is a great success, especially for a specialized exhibit that is not classic material.

World Stamp Exhibition.

My exhibit.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

1945 TRIESTE, Interesting picture postcard

Three things are interesting with following picture postcard: first, it was used within a short period of free-of-charge postage, second, it was written in Trieste, but sent from Rijeka and third, it has a mark with the name of the censor...

1945 Trieste, unfranked picture postcard, written in Trieste, but sent the same day (8.VI.45) from Rijeka to Brežice ob Savi, censured in Rijeka and at arrival or somewhere in transition. 

There are two censor marks on the postcard: upper is "★ / CENZURISANO" which was applied in Rijeka, lower is "KOMANDANT - MAJOR / Leskovec Karel" which was most likely added at arrival or somewhere in transition.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Philatelic exhibition in Klagenfurt

For the last couple of months, I have a lot of work in the company, so there was not much time for philately. As you can see, this is also reflected on my blog posts. Well, today I finally managed to find some time to hang out and talk about philately. I went to the philatelic exhibition in Klagenfurt where I met Mr. Hermann Dietz, a great collector of  Montenegro, Croatia, Partisan posts and Concentration camps. As always, I was impressed with his knowledge and his readiness to share it...

Mr. Hermann Dietz in front of his exhibit.

Friday, April 13, 2018

1945 SPLIT, ST1 three lines instead of four

From time to time you can find an item with perhaps a unique error...

1945 Split local provisional issue, unused stationery of type St. 1. Overprint error: three lines instead of four. Only this item is recorded. Certificate Vilfan.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Over a year ago I wrote about a letter that was sent the day before the liberation of Ljubljana, on 8th of May 1945 and censured with rare V.K.P.Lj.I. censuring mark (see here). Now, I found another similar item... 

Printed matter, correctly franked with 25 cent., sent loco (8.V.45 - the last day of German occupation!) by the Association of Industrialists and Craftsmen to one of its members. Censored and delivered by the new government somewhere between the 9th of May and before the suspension of postal traffic that happened on 12th of May.

Interesting content! Obviously it was clear that the Germans will withdraw and that a lot of resources will be needed for the renovation of the country.
(Click on image to enlarge)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Collecta 2018

Today I spent a few hours at Collecta fair in Ljubljana. Unfortunately, I did not find anything special for my collection, but on the other hand, I met many philatelic colleges. So, all in all, a nice day...

At Collecta fair in Ljubljana.

Monday, March 5, 2018

1945 ZAGREB - Fake or mistake?

At first glance it was an interesting item, but a detailed check showed that it is a fake - the date on the canceller is not possible. It is before the partisans came to Zagreb and much before this issue was released. The reason for forging is obvious: traveled stationery are much more valuable than non traveled ones.

UPDATE: OK, I could agree with those who allow the possibility that the wrong date is a mistake of a postal employee. 

Fake or mistake? DFJ Zagreb stationery on eBay.

Why 27.IV.45 cannot be genuine? Because partisans liberated Zagreb on 9.V.45 and 
DFJ Zagreb local provisional issue was released on 25.VI.45.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

1943 ŠIBENIK, eBay forgeries

Forgeries of Šibenik postage stamps are being sold again on eBay these days. In the description of lots, the seller mentions that the overprint is most likely not authentic, but the problem is that this description is in French :( Anyway, the forgeries are very poor, so they probably can not confuse anyone...

1943 Šibenik local provisional issue,  forgeries. 

Interestingly, the same seller also sells fakes of the German occupation of Zara.

1943 Zara local provisional issue,  forgeries.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

1945 MARIBOR, Forerunner from Celje

After the liberation of Slovenia, the military authorities terminated civil postal service for 25 days (from May 12th to Jun 6th). No civilian shipment was permitted. Both outgoing and incoming mail was retained at post offices until Jun 6th.

Forerunner of the 1945 Maribor provisional issue, a letter sent from Sevnica ob Savi (7.VI.1945) to Belgrade. Cancelled with a provisional rubber date stamp and circular censors cancellation "Cenzura Celje". This is the earliest item sent after the reopening of postal service known to me.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

1945 SPLIT, Hyper censoring

I have a very nice example of a picture postcard censored by the military censor where the entire message is crossed out - only the address part was left readable. 

1945 Split local provisional issue, picture postcard sent from Šibenik to Knin (15.VI.45), free of charge as the sender was a military person. Cancelled and censured in Knin. The entire message is crossed out - only the address part was left readable.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

1944 SENTA, Fake

Another fake Senta set was sold today on eBay. The buyer should already know that it is not possible to get the original Big Senta for such a low price...

Fake Big Senta on eBay.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

1943/44 ŠIBENIK, triple mixed franking

At that time, the following postal tariffs were in force: 2 kn for postcard, 3,5 kn for letter, 9 kn for registration and 10 kn for the express delivery. Note that since there was a lack of lower values, a tolerance up to the +/- 1 kn was tolerated as correct franking. The exchange rate for Šibenik I was 1 lira = 4 kn. Proper use of war tax surcharge for letters was: 2 kn before 15.06.1944 and 10 kn after that.

Letters, properly franked with all three issues, Šibenik I, Šibenik II and NDH definitive, are very rare. 

1943/44 Šibenik local provisional issue, registered letter, properly franked with 12,8 kn (1,2 * 4 = 4,8 kn of Šibenik I, 3,5 * 2 = 7 kn of Šibenik II and 1 kn of NDH definitive), charged with 10 kn war tax, sent from Šibenik (26.VIII.44) to Split (31.VIII.44). Returned from Split (2.IX.44) due to the death of the recipient. Certificate Zrinjšćak.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

1945 MARIBOR, Forgeries

Recently, there are a lot of fakes on the market, especially with various specialties like inverted or double overprints. Below are the two most common types of forgeries...

Genuine overprint

Sharp edges and homogeneous structure of color are the most important features of the genuine overprint.

Forgery A
The wavy line in the middle is not thinner. Upper curvature of the letter S in Yugoslavia is more angular and facing down. 

Dotted structure shows that this forgery was the most likely made with a conventional laser printer.

Forgery B
Star between 9 and 5 is like a rounded stain. L in Yugoslavia is not perpendicular and facing down. Both A in Yugoslavia are without a dot. 

The edges of the overprint are not sharp enough and sometimes color spills out. This is typical for a rubber clichés.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

1941 MEĐIMURJE, Forgeries

Forgeries of overprints exist, but they are very amateur and can be easily distinguished from the genuine. Much more dangerous are forgeries of postal items where both, the overprint and the cancellation are genuine, but a postal item as a whole is a fake.

A fragment of a letter, franked with 2 din, cancelled with Čakovec 3, 12.IV.41. Private product / forgery. After the Yugoslav army withdrew and when the post office in Čakovec was closed someone stole and misused the canceller. Hence, all letters postmarked at Čakovec on 12.IV.41 or later are fakes.

Letter, franked with 0,50 din, cancelled with Bjelovar 3, 31.IX.41. Canceller Bjelovar 3 is in the private hands and there is no evidence at all that these stamps have been used in Bjelovar.

In addition, forger used a nonexistent day 31st of September :(.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

1944 SENTA, Rubber canceller - 2

Yesterday I got some scans of Senta National Liberation Committee's "Book of postal items" that is stored in the Historical Archive of the city of Senta. There are many interesting records, among which I would now point out just a page canceled with the same rubber canceller that I described here. So, now we have a proof that this canceller was actually in use at that time.

1944 Senta National Liberation Committee's "Book of postal items"

A page from the book with the same rubber canceller as it is on the letter below.

1944 Senta provisional issue, letter, properly franked with 30 f, sent from Senta (2.I.1945) to Mol, cancelled with the same rubber canceller.

Monday, December 11, 2017

1945 SPLIT, Censored in transit

Recently I wrote that shipments were usually censored at the place of dispatch and, more rarely, at the place of receipt. Of course, there is also a third option if shipment is censored in transit...

1945 Split local provisional issue, picture postcard sent from Zadar (written 29.V.45) to Split, free of charge as the sender was a military person. Censored in transit with civil censor cancellation No. 13 (Knin).

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Philatelic seminar "Domašinec 2017"

Today I spent a nice day in Domašinec where philatelic society "Zrinski" organized the sixth philatelic seminar called "Domašinec 2017".

Nenad Rogina, president of the Croatian Federation of Philatelists, lectures on Međimurje and Prekmurje issues in 1918/1919.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Barac & Pervan Auction

Today I was in Zagreb at the Barac & Pervan auction. For me this is already a traditional December trip to Zagreb, where I cannot only compete for high quality lots, but also meet and discuss with colleagues from all over the Europe. It is always worth to come...

Barac & Pervan auction hall.

Monday, November 27, 2017

1945 SPLIT, Small Petar

"Small Petar" stationery overprinted with the 1945 Split local provisional overprint is among the rarest of postal objects of all 1945 provisional issues in the territory of former Yugoslavia. Only five of them are known, so Croatian philatelists call it Croatian "Blue Mauritius".

1945 Split local provisional issue, "Small Petar" stationery, sent from Split (21.VI.45) to Zagreb. Censor cancellation No. 3, Split. One of the five known "Small Petar" cards. Certificate Vilfan, Zrinjšćak.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

1945 ZAGREB, Mussolini street

Letter from Zagreb utility company to the agricultural cooperatives. Non-philatelic usage during the six day period of authorized use (from 25 to 30.VI.1945). 

Letter was sent to the address with the street name devoted to fascist Arnaldo Mussolini the brother of Italy's fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Interestingly, the partisans tolerated such street names for almost two months since Zagreb was liberated.

Later, Mussolini street was renamed to Braća Kavurić street, and in 2006 to Hebrangova street.

1945 Zagreb local provisional issue, letter with 80 kn / 2 kn, 27.VI.1945 Zagreb 1 cancellation.
Certificate Zrinjšćak.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

OI Dalmatia, Mixed franking

In the initial period of the Italian occupation of Dalmatia, some interesting mixed franking could be found...

Italian occupation od Dalmatia, letter send from Trogir (4.6.41) to Zagreb, franked with 3 din and 30 cent, cancelled with TRAÙ POSTE (DALMAZIA).

Saturday, November 11, 2017

1941 Banja Luka, A Mystery of the Position 10

You probably noticed that the "Croatian Philately" stopped publishing in 2016. After one year, a new magazine with a similar name ("Croatian Philatelist") is on the scene. In the first number you will find my short article:

Hrvatski Filatelist No. 1/2017
1941 Banja Luka Local Provisional Issue
A Mystery of the Position 10

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

OI Montenegro, Early mail

The attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia began on April 6, 1941. The southwestern part of Montenegro was occupied by the Italian 14th Corps of the 9th Army. The Messina Division took over the Bar (Antivari) on April 16, 1941.

Italian occupation of Montenegro, postcard franked with 80 cent. for air mail, sent from Bar (19.4.41) to Rome, cancelled with "UFFICIO POSTALE MILITARE ??". Note that the postcard was written on April 17, just a day after the Italians took over the Bar. This is an early mail from Italian occupation of Montenegro.

I need some help with identifying a military unit number on the cancellation "UFFICIO POSTALE MILITARE ??". I checked in "La Posta Militare Italiana 1939|1945", Giuseppe Marchese (edition 1991), but without luck. If you have a newest edition or maybe some other sources, please check if you can find out the military unit number. The visible part of the cancellation should be sufficient for the identification...

Click on image to enlarge.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1945 SARAJEVO, Registered mail

Check out this attractive registered postal stationery...

1945 Sarajevo local provisional issue, registered postal stationery, type III, franked with 5 din (1 din prepaid and 4 din for the registration), sent from Mostar (25.VIII.45) to Ljubljana. Surcharged 
with a rarely seen "Prohor Pčinjski" stamps.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Double censorship

Normally, all shipments were censored at departure, but from time to time you can find some that were censored at arrival or they were not censored at all. The rarest are those that have been censored twice.

Registered letter sent from Banja Luka (26.V.1945) to Šibenik, franked with 160 occupational din, cancelled in transit in Prijedor (27.V.1945), first censored at departure (handwritten censor mark on the front side) and secondly at arrival in Šibenik (censor mark no. 6 on the back side).

At departure - handwritten censor mark.

At arrival - censor mark No. 6 - Šibenik.