Monday, December 30, 2013

1944 SENTA, Cancellations

Working on my Senta document I undertook a review of cancellations...

It is well known that red cancellations were used for commemorative sheets as well as for postage items on 20th October 1944 and that black cancellations were used on 21th October 1944 and beyond.

I saw two different types of cancellations. First type appears on commemorative sheets (red) and on non first day postage items (black). On the other hand, second type appears only on first day postage items (red).

First and second type of cancellation.

Examples of usage of first type.

Examples of usage of second type.

The type can be determined based on the small differences and characteristics of letters. Also, first type looks sharper and horizontal lines on second type are always split equally.

First type characteristics.

I do not know if the second type is forgery or not. What I know is that there is a letter with first and a letter with second type, both certificated by the same expert.

 Update:  After quick look into Die Senta Ausgabe 1944, Echtes und Gefälschtes article I found out that they actually used two different cancellers. The first one was a retarded stamp from the times of the kingdom; the second one has been newly prepared.

Friday, December 27, 2013

1943 NDH, Local Issue for Dalmatia, Split (Spalato)

Black and red overprints of Croatian Ustascha symbol and new value of 3.50 KN on Italian Imperiale series (1929) stamps: 5c-1.75L airs 25c & 50c, express 1.25L & 2.50L, postage dues 40c, 50c & 60c. Complete set of 17, Sass 6-22. MNH with 1973 Marjanović certificate, CV 3.200 EUR. Only 231 complete sets exist!

For detailed information about this issue I suggest a great book: Croatia Local and Unofficial Issues by Mladen Vilfan. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

1944 SENTA, The First Yugoslavian Provisional Issue

Just finished first draft about 1944 Yugoslavia, Serbia, Senta local provisional issue.

The last few months I tried to get some literature, articles and other information about this release. I was only partially successful. Comprehensive literature is not available - all I found was a couple of old articles. More important: during my "research" I come across some great people without whom I would be stuck in a place.

Note that this is working material, there are still a lot of TODO and TOCHECK sections, but I hope to fulfill them soon...

download (PDF 3.2 MB)

 Update:  Please see here!