Sunday, November 9, 2014

1945 MOSTAR, letter

Two things you need to know regarding the letter below: first, the usual letters are much rarer than registered, and second, missing censorship is known fact for the last period of validity in June 1945.

1945 Mostar local provisional issue, letter, properly franked with 80 kn, sent from Trebinje (12.VI.45) to Zagreb. Missing star on upper right stamp. Certificate Vilfan. This is the only cover with a stamp without a star known to me.

Overprint error: missing five-pointed star on 20 kn / 5 kn.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

1945 SPLIT, St.1 stationery

The St.1 stationery is the rarest of all Split stationery types. We know for about twenty empty and four traveled St.1 cards, only two of them were registered. Note that the second rarest type is "Mali Petar" where five traveled cards are known. For details, I recommend a book by Mladen Vilfan "1945 Provisional Issues".

1945 Split local provisional issue, registered stationery of type St.1, overfranked with 80 kn, sent from Šibenik (22.VI.45) to Zagreb (28.VI.45). Hand registration number. Censor cancellation No. 6, Šibenik. Certificate Vilfan.