Thursday, September 25, 2014

1941-1945 NDH, Ministerial albums II

Just a few remarks about the status of my NDH Ministerial albums project (please see this post first).

Recently, I met the owner of the complete (?) set of albums. He told me that he is planning to put all information and photographs together in a form of the web site or similar presentation. This is a great news!

I also met Mr. Julie Maras, who handed me copies of the newspaper "Croatia Philately" where he presented quite a few albums. So, another great source for further info.

And just a small correction of my thumbnail list: Red Cross 1943 V2 (Mi 118-127), small edition, is not the ministerial album.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1943 ŠIBENIK I - forgeries

1943 Šibenik local provisional issue (also called Šibenik I) with handmade overprint N.D./H. is very "dangerous" issue. A lot of forgeries exist, especially for the expensive items. 

Fake overprint on the Julius Caesar 1 Lire from the Imperiale series.
Only 2 genuine exists!

Genuine overprint.

Forged overprints.

Forgeries overlaid with the genuine in red color.

Friday, September 5, 2014

1941 NDH, Red cross sheets with phase shift

1941 NDH, Red cross charity, imperforated sheets with color phase shift are a great rarity of Croatian philately. Only four sets were known and only two remains.

1941 Red cross charity, 1.50 + 1.50 Kn imperforated sheet, main color shifted to the left. Certificate Zrinjšćak.

1941 Red cross charity, 2 + 2 Kn imperforated sheet, background color shifted down. Certificate Zrinjšćak.

1941 Red cross charity, 4 + 4 Kn imperforated sheet, main color shifted to the left. Certificate Zrinjšćak.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

1944 SENTA, Proof

Senta overprinting was done row by row in multiple phases. First five-pointed star in red color, then textual inscription in black color. The process for half-sheet of 50 is illustrated below: 

Phase 1, row 1.

Phase 1, completed.

Phase 2, row 1.

Phase 2, completed.

For stamps P1, XIII, XIV, PI, PII and PIII the third overprint phase was applied.

Phase 3 strips.

1944 Senta local provisional issue, proof in block of four, positions B 1,2 / 1,2.