Thursday, April 20, 2017

1945 LJUBLJANA, Payment order

I found an interesting document that shows the continuity of the civil authorities after the liberation. A payment order to the Social Insurance Office of Ljubljana Province for employees in the period between 1st and 8th of May (so, just before the end of the German occupation!) was paid on 19th of June under the new government.

1945 Ljubljana, local provisional issue, payment order to the Social Insurance Office of Ljubljana Province, filed 15th of June, paid 19th of June and confirmed on 25.VI.45.

50 cents offset fee paid on 19.VI.45.
Illegible cancellation at which date is seen only after some hue/saturation calibration.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1943 ŠIBENIK, Largest known set

I managed to gather a set of 29 stamps out of 32. I am missing the following values:
  • No. 9   - 1 Lire (the existence of this value is questionable)
  • No. 14 - 10 Lire
  • No. 17 - 30 cent. (war propaganda stamp with the airplane)

1943 Šibenik local provisional issue with N.D. / H. hand overprint. 29 values out of 32. Certificates Zrinjšćak, Ercegović, Marinšek. This is the largest set known to me.

Monday, April 3, 2017

1945 SARAJEVO, Railway cancellation

Quite a lot of 1945 Sarajevo stationery postcards were preserved. Most of them are common, but from time to time you can still find one with some kind of specialty - like stationery with a rare railway cancellation.

1945 Sarajevo local provisional issue, stationery type Ia, sent to Zemun (12.X.1945). Rare railway cancellation 108 Tuzla - Doboj.