Wednesday, October 29, 2014

1945 SPLIT, letter

Split provisional issue was in usage between 01.03.1945 and 30.06.1945 (four complete months) what is the longest period among all provisional issues. However, this does not imply that the letters from this period are common.

1945 Split local provisional issue, letter, properly franked with 20 kn, sent from Dubrovnik 2 (??.03.1945) to the manager of the post office in Mostar. Censor cancellation No. 10, Dubrovnik.

Friday, October 24, 2014

1941 MEĐIMURJE, Clasification of Overprints

Most of the literature deals with the 1941 Međimurje issue solely in terms of main overprint types and one well-known error "Hrvatska država". I wanted to show that there are at least ten overprint variations and a few additional typical errors. The article is published in the Hrvatska Filatelija No. 3/2014, English version is available here.

1941 Međimurje Unofficial Local Provisional Issue
Classification of Overprints
English | Croatian

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

HOWTO, Unhide content

Sometimes it happens that I hardly notice details or some hidden content. Usually, I first try with the color hue and saturation changes. This is very simple and effective method.

Barely visible censor cancellation, before ...

... and after the color hue/saturation changes.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

1945 SPLIT, a first day dilemma

Split provisional overprints were done in three tranches. First set of 9 values (Mi 1-9) was dispatched for use on 1.III.1945. Second set of 6 values (Mi 11, 13-17) was delivered a week later, on 7.III.1945. The delivery of the remaining two values (Mi 10, 12) took place as late as 21.III.1945.

It can be said that this issue has three different first day dates. Or we should use only 21.III.1941 as a first day - at least when we talk about the complete set.

1945 Split local provisional issue, complete CTO on cardboard sheet.

21.III.1945 is a first day cancellation for the complete set.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

1944 SENTA, 70th Anniversary

18.X.1944 the Senta Local Liberation Committee decided that the entire stock of Hungarian postage stamps should be overprinted.

Liberation Committee meeting document. 

Section with the instructions about the overprint: in the middle red star at it hammer and sickle in black and with inscription “Senta, 8-X-1944”

The following day, the President of Local Liberation Committee, comrade Isa Nešić, issued an order to overprint stamps. It is interesting that the instructions about overprint content changed. Probably due to the technical difficulties were not being able to provide details like the hammer and sickle.

Order with final instructions for Senta overprint.

Section with the new instructions about the overprint: on the upper part the inscription "8.X.1944" at the bottom edge the inscription "Jugoslavia" in black color and, in the middle of the stamp, five-pointed star in red.

Engineer Mirko Verner (Imre Werner), born in 1915, a well-known philatelist, patriot and member of the Local Liberation Committee, was the "father" of Senta provisional issue. He organized and supervised the entire process of overprint including printing and distributing of commemorative sheets. After WWII, he becomes one of the most prominent Yugoslav philatelic experts.

An interesting document from 4.XI.1944 shows that Verner planned to overprint all other stamps in the region of Bačka.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

1941 MEĐIMURJE, unique letter

It is well known that Međimurje stamps were not sold at the post offices. However, the post office in Varaždin accepted and tolerated the use of these stamps. We know for about 20 letters that actually traveled and all of them were sent by Dr. Wolf from the Varaždin post office to different addresses in Zagreb.

Recently I got a letter that is unique from several perspectives:
  • it is not the Dr. Wolf's law office envelope 
  • it contains 0.25 Din stamps
  • it contains stamps with both types of coat-of-arms
  • it contains stamp with the typical error "Hrvatska država"
  • and the most important, it was properly franked with 2 din for internal usage

1941 Međimurje, unofficial local provisional issue, properly franked with 2 din for internal usage, Varaždin (18.IV.1941). Certificate Vilfan.

Typical error "Hrvatska država" in horizontal pair with normal stamp (positions 2,3).

Monday, October 6, 2014

1941 MEĐIMURJE, overprint on the margin

During the second printing with the setting of four cliches (2x2), some single pairs were overprinted too. These pairs were aligned to the upper side of the setting. So, in the case of pairs with the margin you can see lower row partially overprinted on the margin.

1941 Međimurje, unofficial local provisional issue, 4 Din with very large overprint on the margin. The first known item for this value.