Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1945 MARIBOR, Ruše cancellation

I found an interesting correspondence which shows the development of the cancellation methods in Ruše immediately after the WWII. Check out the sequence:

The first letter is dated 19.06.1945. A provisional date stamp and a rectangular censor cachet have been used while there is no Ruše cancellation at all.

The second letter is dated 29.06.1945. A provisional date stamp, "RUŠE" cancellation and a round censor cachet have been used.

The third letter is dated 21.07.1945. A new "classic" RUŠE 1 cancellation was used and there is no censor mark (as the censorship stopped after the 02.07.1945).

Note that all three letters share the same cash payment cancellation. First and second letter were franked with 12 pf while the third one was franked in new currency of 2 din.

In the meantime DFJ stamps arrived to Ruše, so the fourth letter, dated 07.08.1945, is the first one  from that correspondence that is franked with a postage stamp.