Tuesday, November 15, 2016

1945 LJUBLJANA, Early money transfer order

Immediately after the liberation of Ljubljana a postal traffic for private shipments and money transfer orders was suspended. It was reopened on 30.05.45 for money transfer orders and 08.06.45 for the shipments. Because there were no overprinted stamps until the 08.06. all money transfer orders issued between 30.05. and 08.06. were franked with the old occupation stamps.

1945 Ljubljana, local provisional issue, money transfer order, issued in Rovte (4.VI.45), franked with 50 cents (8.VI.45) using German occupation "Landscapes" stamp.

Bilingual cancellation GEREUTH / ROVTE from 4.VI.45....

... and the same cancellation four days later, now with the removed German inscription.