Tuesday, April 26, 2016

1941 BANJA LUKA, A mystery of position 10

For some time I have been dealing with the dilemma regarding the typical error on position 10. Reading the "Croatian Philately" book by Velimir Ercegović, "Croatian Local and Unofficial Issues" handbook by Mladen Vilfan as well as the Michel Kroatien Spezial Katalog 2004 you will find following about typical errors:
a) Raised "B" in "Bosanska" (position 10)
b) "Basanska" instead of "Bosanska" (position 23)

While I had no problem with the second, the raised "B" was a real mystery! The fact is that there is no raised "B" in "Bosanska" but raised first "o" in "Slobodna". It looks like that Ercegović made a mistake while all others just automatically took this as granted.

Position 10 - Raised "o" in "Slobodna".