Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HOWTO, Using a scanner as a magnifier

It is well known that four different types of paper have been used for Croatian Landscapes issue, named as follows:
  • Ordinary paper,
  • Intaglio paper,
  • Porous paper and
  • Pelure paper
I always wanted to check how each type of paper looks under the very high magnification. Below are 4800 dpi scans (click on detailed image for larger view)...

Ordinary paper - also called offset or German paper
0.09 mm thick, non transparent, white paper with white gum

Intaglio paper - also called photogravure paper
0.08 mm thick, partially transparent, white paper with white gum

Porous paper - also called wartime paper
0.09 mm thick, slightly transparent, yellowish paper with yellowish gum

Pelure paper - also called cigarette paper
0.05 mm thick, transparent, smooth paper with clear gum

One important hint: mechanisms of the conventional scanners are very sensitive, so do not shake table during your 4800 dpi scanning!