Sunday, August 21, 2016

1944 Ravna Gora, Chetnik letter

It is known that Chetniks have operated in some areas of central and southwest Serbia even long after the Red Army and Partisans liberated Belgrade (20th of October 1944). Therefore, it is not unexpected that post office in Natalinci accepted a letter franked with the Ravna Gora issue still in November 1944. The basis for acceptance was a decree of postal usage of Ravna Gora stamps issued by commander Miloš V. Marković on 5th of April 1944 in which postage rates were declared as follows: standard letter: 1 din, letter with greater weight: 2 din and registration: 4 din.

1944 Ravna Gora, Chetnik issue, letter, correctly franked with 1 din, sent from Natalinci (11.XI.1944) to nearby village Rudnik. Very rare! Certificate Krstić.