Saturday, December 30, 2017

1943/44 ŠIBENIK, triple mixed franking

At that time, the following postal tariffs were in force: 2 kn for postcard, 3,5 kn for letter, 9 kn for registration and 10 kn for the express delivery. Note that since there was a lack of lower values, a tolerance up to the +/- 1 kn was tolerated as correct franking. The exchange rate for Šibenik I was 1 lira = 4 kn. Proper use of war tax surcharge for letters was: 2 kn before 15.06.1944 and 10 kn after that.

Letters, properly franked with all three issues, Šibenik I, Šibenik II and NDH definitive, are very rare. 

1943/44 Šibenik local provisional issue, registered letter, properly franked with 12,8 kn (1,2 * 4 = 4,8 kn of Šibenik I, 3,5 * 2 = 7 kn of Šibenik II and 1 kn of NDH definitive), charged with 10 kn war tax, sent from Šibenik (26.VIII.44) to Split (31.VIII.44). Returned from Split (2.IX.44) due to the death of the recipient. Certificate Zrinjšćak.